November 24, 2010

More Snake Oil Sales

So far I have not found this in American news sources, but this from the Jamaica-Gleaner is disturbing. Titled “The Diabetes Deception” this article is about as false as they get. While the author is correct that about 95 percent of people have Type 2 diabetes, but to say this is curable, degrades all people with diabetes.

To declare that Type 2 is a lifestyle-related disorder instead of a disease, is wording that snake oil salespeople use profusely. For many Type 2 people, the diagnosis is often made too late and the damage to the pancreas is already done. If the medical community and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) wakes up and advises doctors to be aggressive in their diagnosis, what these people advocate may be possible, but still will not be a cure. See a supporting study that I blogged about for that here.

Using exercise and nutrition may possibly delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. If the person is overweight or obese, then the reduction of weight will aid in reducing insulin resistance. Even these measures will not ensure a cure, but still are highly advisable to delay full onset of diabetes.

Many of the lifestyle changes promoted by this article will indeed promote good health and delay full diabetes, but there is nothing that will prevent or “cure” diabetes. Let any of these people stop doing regular exercise, over eat carbohydrates, and stop following the recommendations, and Type 2 diabetes will take over without hesitation.

The other argument for eating only low glycemic foods is a good guide, but not fool-proof in preventing diabetes. Total low glycemic eating habits may also not be as healthy for diabetes as they proclaim. Dr. William Davis in his “The Heart Scan Blog” will inform you about some of the dangers in a low glycemic diet. At the same time he also believes in a cure for diabetes. See his blog here. I can't say I totally agree with him, but he at least does not promote snake oil cures.

Some people are talking about early detection of problems with the pancreas and what can be done to reverse the problems, but still these are not cures and if not followed very strictly, will still develop into diabetes Type 2. So read with care.