July 29, 2010

Type 2 people in the blogosphere

I am presently working on a list (this much has been posted) for type 2 people with diabetes that are blogging about diabetes. If you are ambitious and have other blogs even if they are not about diabetes, they will be included. Please know that there are other people blogging that are not on the list, either because I have not been able to contact them, or I have not found them.

Since I want this to be a current list, anyone that has not blogged for longer than 18 months is not included. If you restart and want to be included, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

I have many that are very active and I have not been able to contact a some of them, so if you are among these, please comment below or email me at the email on my profile page, and I will add you to the list. Emails will not be given out when requested. I would appreciate at least a first name if possible, but I will respect those that ask not to have it listed. Please know that I will want to contact them for permission to publish any information about them.

My request is that you must be a type 2 person with diabetes and be actively blogging about diabetes.

Now that I have said that, I find that there are several other type 2 bloggers that write occasionally about diabetes and more often on many other topics. So I am adding a second list of these bloggers.

If you don't see one of your favorites on either list, please contact me at the email in my profile. Supply all the information you may have access to. URL, contact address, and name of site would be appreciated, but not always available. If you have contact with them, please pass on my site so that they can contact me.

The same will apply to the type 2 chefs that you may follow. There are some excellent type 2 chefs and I will be working on a list for them over the next few weeks as well.

Thank you,