July 4, 2010

Roche Social Media Summit 2

As a new person at the 2010 Roche Social Media Summit I have to say that I was not sure of expectations. The programs went very well and the only disconnect was the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators).

Meeting fellow bloggers, people with diabetes, was a heartwarming experience and one that won't be forgotten. While I was looking forward to meeting other type 2's, it was educational finally meeting David Mendosa and Gretchen Becker, both of whom I have avidly read since diagnosis. It was a real treat meeting Charlie Cherry and Rachel Baumgartel and realizing that what I have been reading, is really them.

Researching on line is an enjoyment for me and realizing that there are others with information to share and all from a different background and interest has really fired me up. Finally meeting and talking to several of the type 1 PWD that I have corresponded with really helps and I hope that the information exchange can continue.

I know now that I need to read a few people more carefully and get to know them better from a personal standpoint. From the discussions that happened, I will say that all diabetes classifications were well represented, even those not in attendance. This year, it is my feeling that while everyone is cautious, there is much more open discussion and respect for both sides. Roche's discussion of what was learned at last year's summit did not disagree in substance with the blogs written by those attending then.

By the actions taken and material presented this year, the most value is the facilitation of open discussion by Roche between the American Diabetes Association and the on-line diabetes community. While it remains to be seen what will progress from this challenging discussion, there will be plenty of information to measure a year from now. I will say I am very pleased that there may be some real progress by the ADA in taking up the banner for the patients as well as the corporate side.

I will only say that I was very disappointed with the discussion by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and my opinion of this group only became more jaded. While I know a few very excellent people in the organization, their stature was not increased by the discussion. While I do not expect to see real progress this year, the idea of having people with diabetes in an educational role was an excellent idea raised by several attendees, and especially Cherise Shockley.

I don't know about the rest of those attending; however, the food committee did a superb, marvelous job. When I was asked by Roche for type of carb meal I preferred, I said moderate to low carb. The food was more than I expected and I was able to follow my plan of moderately low carb. For those involved, I appreciate your efforts! Thank you!

I was please to be one of the attendee's and extend my thanks to Lisa Huse and Todd Siesky for a job well done and to the rest of Roche's staff in attendance for their support.

Disclosure - Roche paid for transportation and lodging for two days and meals for one day.