March 31, 2011

Americans with Disabilities Act Gets Amended

This is an insight into what I have been working on the last few days and will take more time to fully digest – I don't like the pieces here and other pieces over there. I knew this was happening, but had not continued to follow it after the comment period was over. There is quite a few changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act that will affect many of us. From people with diabetes to service dogs, there is a lot digest and determine how regulations have changed and affect us.

The American Diabetes Association made this release which kicked my backside into action. The ADA is applauding the changes which provides clear and clear regulations protecting the rights of people with diabetes in the workplace. How far this will go in creating better climates and working conditions for people with diabetes is not as clear as I had hoped.

Some of it is bound to be tested in the courts and possibly to the Supreme Court. But I will leave this to those in the legal profession. Some changes are definitely for the best and hopefully some of these will undergo further definition in the future as there are some gaping holes still existing that need addressing. But I am straying away to areas not covered in the ADA press release.

The ADA boasts about their participation which is all well and good and I am satisfied that they did what they were able considering all the groups participating and demanding this and that regulation. Yet, I do wonder if they left some areas that were in need of action to get other regulations. This is the problem within our political system of compromise which leaves needs on the table.

Employment discrimination is a big issue addressed and for that I am thankful. The new regulations will benefit people with diabetes and employers. It will simplify the determination as to whether an individual is covered under the law and allow attention to be put on the issue of whether a person with diabetes is discriminated against because of diabetes.

I have much more information to work through and it is a time consuming task. I just wanted you to know some of what is occupying my time and why I needed a break from blogging.  And I am enjoying some time away from research.