January 15, 2017

Dietitians Are Harming Themselves

Yes, dietitians around the world are harming themselves. First, they are not all an example of health, with many of them being overweight and a few are very obese. I have heard from many people that will not follow what the overweight or obese dietitians recommend. This obviously is something that harms them and means that people don't believe what they say.

Here in the United States, we have other problems of dual titled CDEs and RDs that refuse to teach about diabetes and seem to always switch to nutrition as being the most important. At least we have our members and several of the other support groups calling the insurance company when this happens and the recommendation for diabetes education only. This prevents the dual titled from billing for diabetes education when they taught only nutrition.

The following are blogs for your reading:

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If you have already read my blogs, good, but I hope that you will read the others as they describe what is happening in Great Britain and other parts of the world.

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