November 13, 2016

Our November Meeting

On November 12, we met for our meeting. This happened to be the same evening as our competing group. Brenda brought the group to order and asked if there was discussion about new members. Barry said there should be as he has had four people talk to him about becoming members. One of the new members, B.J, said he had three people approach him about joining our group.

Julie said she had two people ask her about membership and Rose said she had been asked by three people. Allen said we should have a discussion then. He said that the number felt good with the present number of 25 and we had agreed on accepting new members at the October meeting only. Sue commented that maybe we should have them start a new group, as the group Glen led had stopped membership, Dr. Tom's group was now about 30 members, and the group that we separated from also had over 30 members.

Jason moved that we work with them to form a new group. Sue seconded the motion and Brenda introduced Glen to speak to the issue. Glen said the group he presently led had capped their membership at 25 and had eight more wanting membership so he could agree with the need for a new group. He continued that the twelve wanting membership and the eight from his group would make 20 members for a new group.

Brenda asked if there would be more discussion, and with no hand being raised, she asked for a vote. The vote was unanimous and she asked Barry and Allen if they would work with Glen or someone from his group to help form the group. Both agreed and Brenda thanked them. Allen stopped and told everyone that this is the first he has been thanked by a leader of the group and he said he wanted everyone to know why he would support Brenda. This brought a hearty round of applause.

Glen stated that he wanted to thank Brenda for helping keep members of the separated group out of his group, as three had tried to join his group. Brenda said we will need to work together in the future to avoid other problems. We will also be having a few meetings and inviting other groups. We hope you will find interest in some of them. We had planned this to be one of them, but the membership issue became important. In talking with you and finding out the numbers of potential members, we felt this required our joint attention, so thank you for your input.

Barry asked to speak and said a few potential members may back away from a new group, but this should be expected. Glen said this may happen, and these people should be told that the membership in our groups is capped at present and we don't anticipate any member changes in the near future. Allen said this is correct and Glen has explained this very well.

Brenda then asked if any one disagreed. No one disagreed and Brenda asked Julie, Rose, and B.J if they would work with Glen, Barry, and Allen to support the formation of the new group. All three said they would and B.J asked if he could be part of the group with Glen, Barry, and Allen as he wanted to learn from them, as he felt several could be in need of VA assistance like he was.

Allen said this was something Barry and he had discussed and this needed to be accomplished. Brenda asked Allen if he would work with the new members.  Allen said Barry and he should have done this in October and now this meeting was all but over, and it had not been done.

Brenda asked B.J if he needed the information now or later. He said there are three other new members and three in those he knew that wanted to join. Julie said both of her potential new members need this information. Rose said two of her three were also veterans.

Barry said this means about 14 are veterans and he asked Glen if he knew about those wanting VA information. Glen said he was not sure, but he would ask. Allen said there was a lot to be done to start the new group, but felt it might help start the new group.

Brenda asked if there was any other business. None was forthcoming and Brenda said cleanup is in order. She concluded by saying she would suggest those working on the new group stay in contact with her and each other. She said she would forward any information that she receives. The meeting is over.

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