October 9, 2016

Many Bloggers Need This

With exceptions, like David Mendosa, Gretchen Becker, and several others, many bloggers with type 2 diabetes just do not seem to understand the importance of including the following information:
  1. Date of blog post – less important is the time
  2. Source of information – unless the post is personal information, like this post
  3. Many pages with blogs scattered among the different pages and some on sub-pages
  4. Infrequent blogs and skipping several months at a time
  5. Some allow comments and others do not
  6. Some use comment moderating and some do not
I could go on, but I don't want too make it too long. I really appreciate that many of the bloggers still blogging today use email notification to alert those that subscribe that a new post is ready for reading. I also appreciate that more bloggers are including contact information rather than hiding from readers.

#1. The date of the blog post is important and I am surprised at people that want readers, but don't date the blog.

#2. The source of the information used in the blog is very important unless the information is all personal in nature.

#3. I admit that some times I am busy and don't take the time to read a blog by another writer and a few days later go to the blog page. Some times, I cannot find the blog because of the number of pages or sub-pages and the system used by the blog writer of organizing the blogs.

#4. I do understand people being on vacation or being sick and not being able to blog, but too often, I see some bloggers not posting for several months. Then they blog for several months and stop for three to five months again. This doesn't bother me, but one of these bloggers asked me why his readership had dropped drastically. Unfortunately, I told him and he has since stopped blogging.

#5 and #6. If you chose to allow comments, please use comment moderation to prevent being the victim of spam. Yes, I tried this and had to delete many spam messages. Even with comment moderation, I still receive many spam comments, but at least I am able to delete these before they are posted.

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