October 13, 2016

Dietitians and Their Lies

Yes, I said that! I also say that some dietitians are moving away from the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to counsel patients more reasonably and work to teach diabetes nutrition. Gary Watson writes a long blog about Tim Noakes and Bullshit and it is worth the time to read.

No doubt the trolls and self-appointed nutritional experts will be stuck in to me and no doubt Tim Noakes will continue to cop dissension too. I must admit I am very pleased to see that the cookbook, Real Meal Revolution is completely sold-out in every major city. Much to the horror of many a registered dietitian no doubt, but the onus is on them to produce the evidence in support of their often outlandish claims that low-carb eating is “risky and dangerous” and “without any scientific basis”.

Low-carb eating works for me and that’s all I know. I could never know if it would work for you or if it will be bad for you. But at least I’ll tell you I don’t know. Nutritional theory is a mine-field, but the more I research it, the more I agree with Gary Taubes. It is really just a system of personal beliefs and untested hypotheses, given a veneer of scientific respectability, when in actual fact it’s more like a religion – replete with irrational fanatics, money-making frauds and devout lemming-like followers. But each to their own I suppose, the thing that really gets my goat is this simple perpetuation of a culture in which bullsh*t trumps evidence and science loses.

Well said Gary Watson!

And so begun my journey into a land of bullsh*t and fantasy that is ‘established’ human nutrition theory. I can confidently say I do not know of any field of human endeavor in which so much bullsh*t, unsubstantiated hypotheses and complete nonsense has been presented and accepted as science and as conventional wisdom. Pick any subject from saturated fat, to fish-oil supplements, antioxidants supplementation, to the benefits of fibre in lowering cancer and you get – drum roll – nothing! Nothing but really bad science, wishful thinking and the willful misrepresentation by an industry that pretends it knows what it is doing.

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