September 5, 2016

Reactions to Our Meeting

Brenda called me Sunday evening. She was angry as she described the retaliation by the excluded members. They had all made it clear that they wanted me excluded from the group in no uncertain terms and wanted the group to remain as one group.

Brenda said she had sent out an email to those members stating that the group that had met all agreed that the group excluded was wrong about dietary supplements and those that met on 1 September agreed with me and not them. As such, we wanted a support group where we were in agreement and they could have their own support group where they could agree with their policies. They were not invited to our support group and we did not want them.

I said that is to be expected and Brenda interrupted to say she was not complaining to me, and knew that the rest of our support group felt the same way as she felt. She continued that she had heard from Glen and he wanted the names of those that had wanted you out of the group so they knew to reject them as they were in agreement with you on dietary supplements. Brenda added that you had done a lot for their group and they appreciated it.

I said I had also heard from Glen, and we had talked about questions to ask potential members and we came up a possible solution. I am not putting this in writing at this time, as they wanted to use this with four potential members that want to join their group.

I told Brenda that those that wanted me out will not appreciate many of the coming blogs as it will be about dietary supplements and alternative medicine. I stated that I have had a conversation with Dr. Tom about this issue and he express his appreciation of the group for separating from those that did not like my stand on dietary supplements.

Brenda was surprised about this and wondered if we should include these two groups for a meeting in the future. I said this would be a good thing, as I don't think either group will participate in a meeting with the new group.

Brenda asked if I would prepare something for a meeting with the two groups and we could consider November if necessary. I said you and Jason are planning that meeting and we could include the two groups for that. Brenda thanked me and said she would talk to Jason for his thoughts. I said you could briefly mention those ideas that you previously covered and then go right into the material you have ready. I also suggested handouts outlining the points and leaving room for people to make notes for the points they thought applied to them.

I said that next March and April could also work. I said I would talk to Beverly about doing a joint meeting and you could talk to Allison. Brenda said you really know how to make my job easier. I said that since I do a daily blog, I spend a lot of time doing research and writing and I have little time for preparing a program. I said any member is welcome to use a blog I write for ideas for a program of their own. I continued that Barry is aware of this and always has a couple of blogs in mind if he needs a program. I said this is always a good idea and Tim always talked to Barry about the planned programs. When Tim was having trouble with programs, he would ask Barry for ideas so I suggest you learn to lean on Barry if needed.

Brenda admitted she had not considered this and was talking with Sue for program ideas. I said then if you are more comfortable talking with Sue, maybe we should talk to both Barry and Sue and see if she would take the job and if Barry would give it up. Brenda agreed and thanked me for listening to her.

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