September 8, 2016

An Email from George

On Wednesday, George sent me an email. He said he had heard from both women and the doctor admitted she was married and was aware of the program he had stated, but it would take a full year to get the application approved and get her on the way to the USA. She had admitted that she was trying to use George to arrive sooner with him paying for her plane ticket.

George said he would loan her the money when her application under the medical immigration was approved. Then she could repay him in a year when she started earning money. Now he would wait for her response.

He then sent a second email with the nurse claiming she was not living with anyone and she wanted him to submit the application to bring her to the USA. Next, I sent him the name of her husband and what I had heard from my wife's relative. I told George that she was now married and my relative had attended the reception after the ceremony.

Next George called me and said at least one was honest when confronted with the truth. He was not going to respond to the nurse's emails now and ignore her emails and requests for visual communications.

Next, he asked me if I would get him some names with email addresses and ages. I said I have two presently and I would send him the information with the pictures. I said I have two or three more coming and I would just send them on when I received them. I told him that the first two did not drive and lived in the city. I said that information was with the emails.

George admitted he had read some the one website and found a few of the type that had used the tricks I had mentioned. He said he was happy that I had warned him and had relatives of my wife that could gather information. He said he would not have been happy if he had been tricked. I said I agreed with him, but some are legitimate claims of abuse.

I told George that he would be given directions when he decided to visit in country and if needed he would be met at the airport. George said he would stay at a hotel and he preferred that because of the air conditioning. He knew several areas around the hotel and was comfortable there. I said I would be in contact with several more relatives and so would my wife. George said thank you and he was happy that he had not kept it quiet and had the one fool him.

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