September 19, 2016

More Reactions by Excluded Group

I must have really made the other group very angry! The last week has been very busy with emails from the natural medications group. They are highly agitated and are taking out their frustrations on me. Two of the group apparently asked Tim to bring them to my apartment last Saturday. I did have company when they stopped by unannounced and they were rather timid when I introduced them to one of my friends with the highway patrol.

Because he was off-duty and driving his own car, one of the two got a little bolder and made a threat toward me. That caused my friend to show his badge and tell him he was under arrest. When the fellow turned to flee, my friend told me to call 911 and request officer needs assistance. I supplied as much information as I could and my other friend told Tim and the second fellow to step outside the building and stand there.

Two of the city police soon had the first fellow under arrest and brought him back to the apartment. The highway patrolman told them the charges to take him to the county jail for holding and asked if I had any questions. I just said the other two should leave and not come back. As they left, my friend said he would go file his report and come back.

His friend is also a highway patrolman living in our town and he asked if this was a common occurrence for me. I said that our diabetes support group had recently become two groups and the one group is not happy as they thought they had excluded me from both groups. The disagreement is about dietary supplements and alternative medicine and my statements that these need to be disclosed to doctors. Most people say these are natural and the doctors don't need this information.

Even he understood this and said the fellow made a threat over this. I said yes, and because about half of the support group believed me and support me, and the other half disagrees with me. Then on 1 September, the group that supports me had a meeting and made me a member again after I had been told by the past leader that I was no longer a member. The group that wanted me out was not invited to the meeting and when they retaliated about that, they were told that they were not invited or wanted.

Two other groups don't want these people as members and they are beginning to understand that. I think this was the purpose of their visit and I am thankful you two happened to be here.

At that point, my friend returned and he said there were more problems and more charges against the individual.

I thanked both for being there and my friend said that he had wanted his fellow patrolman to meet me and to know what my background in transportation involved. He then asked me if I might expect more trouble. I said anything is possible, but I was surprised by the threat, as I don't think the other two would have brought the fellow if they had suspected him of doing what he did. They both agreed and said they would stay in touch and said good-bye.

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