September 2, 2016

More Discussions with George

On Wednesday, I called George to let him know what I had found out. I told him that the doctor was married and from my contacts, I found out that she could probably immigrate under a medical program for doctors. The nurse was widowed about 30 months earlier and had not remarried, but was actively involved with a boy friend.

George said both claimed they were single and not involved with anyone. He said that both were not being honest with him and he did not like it. I said I received my information from relatives of my wife and they had nothing to gain by not telling the truth. George asked what to do now. I said to tell them that you know about the doctor's husband and the nurse's close boy friend. I said this tells me the reason that the nurse would not take you to her home.

George said this could be interesting after they realize that they had been found not telling the truth. I agreed and said it could be very interesting to see what the response was, or if they would even respond.

Then I told George that there were several other single women that I could get names, email addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers for if he was interested in contacting any of them. George said he would prefer waiting a few months and then he might be interested. He did ask me to obtain ages and possible pictures for later use. I said okay and he again asked why they would do this.

I said they are looking for a paid way to the United States and probably figured they had a live one and were going to take advantage of this. I said I knew many that used this way and shortly after getting married (the visa requires marriage within 30 days of arriving in the U.S.) and then they claim abuse. Often they can then get a divorce, stay in country, and become naturalized citizens. Then they petition for their husbands or husbands-to-be and bring them to the U.S.

I gave George two websites used by people bringing people to the U.S. I told him to read some of the stories told there and then if he was interested, to join and ask questions of his own. He thanked me and said he had plenty to do at present and would do some reading on the one website and then wait for answers to his emails. He thanked me for the information and hoped that he might not hear from the doctor after she found out that there might be a path for her to immigrate.

I gave George the name of the nurse's boy friend and told him to carefully avoid mentioning this until he received a reply and then to drop it on her if she claims not to have a boy friend. I said I would email him the correct spelling and the address of the home the two of them shared to use if necessary.

With that, we said good-bye and promised we would stay in contact.

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