August 28, 2016

Changes after Leaving Support Group

The Friday after leaving the support group, A.J called and asked what had happened. I asked what he was talking about and he said we received an email this afternoon saying you were out of the support group. I said yes, and I don't know who is in charge, but I will survive. A.J said he would not go along with this and wondered what to do.

Then he asked about my cousins and what would happen there. I said I hadn't thought about it, but I will let them decide what they want to do and I will not stand in their way. A.J asked if I would be starting a group, and I said maybe or join another group. A.J asked me please let him know so he could stay with me and Jerry would be with him on this.

A little later, Tom called and asked me what had happened. I said I have obviously made some enemies and have been invited out of the group. I told Tom that I wanted to let things blow over and see what happens before I get anxious. Tom said he would be talking to Beverly and she would contact Suzanne. I told Tom that I would not stand in their way of teaching to any group.

The phone was busy for the next few hours and I wondered what was happening. Then Brenda called and asked what I had done to be separated from the support group. She did not approve of what was happening and would be leaving the group and she would see what Allison thought. I told Brenda what I thought had happened and said I was just trying to figure out whom I had offended, but I would make the best of the situation.

I was surprised at the number of people that were with and not against me. I had a list of 19 people when the phone stopped ringing and really wondered what Tim was doing. The last few were people I had expected would be against me and I was a little surprised. Brenda had emailed me a list of 24 people that she found out were not in favor of my continued membership and said that we could get along without them as five of us were in the original six and the next group had joined by ones for the next two to three years.

At 10:00 PM, Suzanne called and said I know you stay up late. She said she had heard from Beverly and wanted to find out for herself. I explained what had happened and explained that about half the group did not want me as a member and the rest did. I said I am waiting for the dust to settle and see what the final numbers are. Suzanne asked if I had preferences as to what she did and I said I would not stop her from serving any group or individuals.

She indicated that Tim had sent her an email asking her to speak to the group in December and she would need to see what the others thought. She added that Beverly and Allison were the others.

I told her that my answer would be the same as I told her. I would not stop them
if they chose to have classes for them. She said that is good to know and now she could decide for herself, but still would talk to Beverly.

On Saturday, Brenda called again and said she had a place for our next meeting and would let everyone know in an email. She said that Sue was helping her and she would have the agenda for our meeting as part of the email. Brenda said that dues would be on the agenda and she liked the idea of paying for speakers outside of members of the group. She liked the idea of bringing in members in October and she was planning on Jason and her completing the program in November that had been postponed too many times, unless something else was decided.

I thanked her and asked for no surprises when it came to me as I wanted to see how things went and evaluate things for myself before I made up my mind on the final course of action for me. She agreed and asked that I be present at the meeting.

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