October 22, 2015

Our Second October Meeting

On October 21, we had Brenda's daughter, Allison, present on low carb/high fat food plans. We only had one member absent and Allison started after Tim introduced her.

Allison stated that low carb/high fat could vary from person to person. The grams of carbohydrates can vary from a low of 30 grams to about 100 grams per day. She next said that the number of grams should vary depending on what your meter tells you works for you. She said that some people set 140 mg/dl as the upper limit for post prandial meter reading.

She continued that this is even what I recommend as the upper limit. She said that some of you have lower limits, which are good for you, and this is what each individual should do. Next, she asked for a show of hands, telling people if they had not set an upper limit not to raise their hands when she said a number. She started at 140 and six hands went up. When she said 130, another six hands were raised, and 120 had 11 hands raised. Then she said 110 and 12 hands were raised. When she said 100, no hands were raised. She then asked if there were other numbers, several said 115 and a few said 125. Allison said there is a good mix for a group this size.

She then said that food plans should not be a one-size-fits-all food plan and I am happy that while many are using the same food plan, there are variances that can be worked with. She continued that unlike dietitians, she and Suzanne worked with what the person wants and may make some suggestions that will be workable. Your blood glucose meter should be your friend and used regularly by testing in pairs. Once the newer members have their food plan settled, then you should have one or both of us back to help refine it and create a balanced food plan.

She said we don't demand you eat a certain number of carbohydrates, and we don't dictate what fruits and vegetables you consume. Most important we don't demand that you include whole grains in your food plan. She continued that she might consider them for a few individuals that show her that the quantity they consume does not exceed the blood glucose goal (she said that she only has two individuals that have this possible).

Next, she asked if some were taking vitamin and mineral supplements. She was a little surprised at the number of hands raised. Next she asked how many had the cooperation of their doctors and been tested for the supplements they used. Only about half of the hands went up. Now she had a concerned look on her face and asked why they were not being tested. The one comment she heard was that they were natural and didn't need to be tested.

She then stated that for some people, the supplements could conflict with medications and cause more severe side effects. She asked Tim to put the slide up and she asked me what the slide meant. I said it is grapefruit and tells us that it can cause some heart, statin, and blood pressure medications to become toxic to our systems and put us in the hospital and if not avoided might kill us.

Next, she asked Tim for the second slide and she said that even Bob knows why we should be tested and where to research for medications the vitamin or mineral may cause prescription medication conflicts. You even need to take some of them only under the supervision of a doctor. She stated that Bob and the older members are aware of why you need to be tested and that is why you need to read the blogs posted about supplements and know where to research information for yourself.

Then she asked Tim if the blogs with links they should use could be included in an email. Tim said that when she gave him the slides, he had started composing an email and would finish it and send it to all members. Allison asked if he would include her as well as she said that she needed to use these for other patients she helped. Tim agreed and she looked at me, and I said they are available for everyone to read.

At that point, she open the discussion for questions and she spent the next half an hour answering questions, as did the older members. She thanked Tim for putting up the slides and then she thanked me for listing the blogs I did for her.
She talked with Tim and thanked him for having her do a presentation. Tim said she covered some important points many of the members needed and we would be asking her again.

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