September 26, 2015

Just a Few Notes on the AADE

I had planned to have more information about the two bills (H.R. 1726 and S. 1345), but dealing with an attorney can be time consuming. In addition, they can be overly cautious and this is probably a good idea on this topic.

After meeting with the attorney (a specialist on Social Security), he felt that I had a lot of information, but because he was traveling to Washington, DC on October 1, he asked me to hold up on my blog until he could read the official papers on file with the two chambers of Congress. If they were identical to the two copies on the AADE website, he would give me information for my blog and allow me to go ahead. If there is a difference, he will send me copies of the differences if possible, and offer suggestions.

He is concerned, but would not say about what or give me any clues. He did ask me to investigate and see if I could find out if any states currently had licensing or funding laws for CDEs on the books and to see if I could find out if they were on the Internet. We are concerned what the law passed in Kentucky says and how it is written, as this will give us an idea of what the AADE is promoting in other states.

I have my work cut out for me and will be busy for the next few days. After doing some research, the task may not be that difficult as there are only two states that have anything on the books. I am concerned about those in Kentucky as the punishment for non-CDEs doing any teaching about diabetes is only a misdemeanor.

It is not stated whether this teaching is for a fee or just writing about diabetes and teaching this way. In other words, it seems open to interpretation and may affect many people that are not CDEs. Sounds and looks like this may be written after the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) laws. Time will tell once we see how they react to people writing and blogging about diabetes.

Now Indiana is still in the early stages and is being strongly opposed by the Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators (ACDE), which has introduced a proposed law to reverse the current law and not allow non-CDEs to be taught how to teach about diabetes.

Florida and Pennsylvania are only the two other states with pending legislation at this point. There may be other pending legislation states, but as of yet there are none.

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