March 4, 2015

Complications from Diabetes

In the last month, I have been writing about some of the complications of diabetes or related problems of diabetes. I will list several of the blogs about complications of diabetes, retinopathy and related, neuropathy which affects me and then I will write about those I have not written about in detail. This will be about nephropathy or kidney damage, atherosclerosis, and deafness are the most common, and many don't include deafness. The first three and deafness are grouped together under the term microvascular complications because they result from damage to the small blood vessels. The macrovascular complication is atherosclerosis, which is caused by damage to the large blood vessels.

There are several others that affect type 1 diabetes and seldom affect those with type 2 diabetes. Then there are those that affect both types, depression, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and a few others. Over the next few months, I hope to write about all the complications.

Retinopathy – eye damage & diseases Your eyesight is too important to ignore and keeping your blood glucose levels near normal is the best treatment for your eyes.

The above three blogs are about eye diseases affected by high blood glucose levels.

Neuropathy – nerve damage About two-thirds of the people with diabetes do develop neuropathy. Some are more affected by this while others are able to continue doing what they have been doing and are able to exercise. Others are prevented from exercising because of the pain level. I urge everyone to read the nine blogs as they contain a lot of information.

In the next blogs, I will write about nephropathy. In my research, I apparently have not really done much reading about nephropathy, as I made some surprising discoveries. Hope that you will learn from the information as well.

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