September 13, 2014

Should CDEs Be Teaching Nutrition?

Yes, I have realized that many titles often are associated like RD (registered dietitian) and CDE (certified diabetes educator). To be honest I was just reading the titles and wondering which was most prominent or used to the near exclusion of the other. After the blog yesterday, I really have to wonder which organization has priority and which exerts the most influence on the actions of the person.

I have talked to two CDEs, one of them also with the title of RD. Both said at one time, the first title after the name used to be the primary practice of the individual. Then in 2006, this has had some repercussions when the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)) started enforcing strict adherence to guidelines or lose their license. They both admit there has been some relaxation in the last year, but they are still very careful.

Whether this is correct, I do not know. I just have to wonder what influence AND has on the CDE profession.

Nutrition is taught by both CDEs and RDs and both generally urge more consumption of carbohydrates than many with diabetes are willing to consume. This is a great turn-off for people with diabetes that understand the value of consuming fewer carbohydrates.

I am thankful I have a cousin that is a nutritionist and has now completed her PhD in nutrition. She is my go to person for nutrition questions. Recently I discovered that another second cousin has moved into the area and she is a registered nurse with almost 20 years experience in surgical nursing. We have only had one conversation about what she does, but I expect that I will learn more in the months ahead as her husband is planning to retire in the job he currently has.

They have three children and one has type 1 diabetes. That was to topic of most of our conversation and a lot of questions were directed my way. I have connected their daughter with Lilly that is an honorary member of our support group and they are learning from each other.

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