September 14, 2014

Helping a Fellow Person with Diabetes

This last week has been a busy one. Barry tried and lost getting his friend separated from his wife. She has become very guarded in her desire of being with her husband. Then A.J had a try and she let her guard down on Saturday. They went for a drive, picked up Allen and Barry, and drove to Dr. Tom's residence since it was Saturday.

Then they talked and gave him the nickname of Jerry. He wanted to know why and they told him so that if his wife was around they could talk about Jerry and his wife would be none the wiser.

Dr. Tom asked the members to leave and talked to Jerry for almost an hour. We are not sure what was said, but when Jerry came out, Barry said he was very quiet and just asked to be taken to Barry's home. Once there, Jerry would not talk about what he and Dr. Tom had discussed, but he asked if there was space available for him to stay for several weeks. Barry said they did not have space, but that A.J did have room and A.J confirmed this.

They talked about getting his clothes and diabetes supplies and how they would explain this to his wife. Jerry said he had a suggestion from Dr. Tom, but he was not sure he could pull it off. Barry asked if he could use some help and Jerry said yes, but he added, you do not want the rage of my wife. Allen said they could take it and with the five of them, it should not take that long. Ben said they had some boxes and A.J said he had some containers and he would get them. They decided to all drive and have places for the boxes.

A.J said things were better than expected and in 30 minutes, they had what Jerry needed and were gone. There were some words, but nothing really severe. When they had Jerry moved in at A.J's, they called me to come over. Jerry was surprised that of the six we were all veterans. A.J helped set up Jerry's computer, and when that was completed, Jerry said he knew from Barry and Allen that I had a blog. I gave him the address and he opened it. After he bookmarked it, I showed him the profile page and he said you have four blogs. I said two were closed, but the one on type 2 bloggers could be of interest for others that blog about diabetes.

I had him open that page, showed him the posts, and told him to explore, as he wanted. Then we talked about what Jerry needed to do Monday. He wanted to go to the bank, open a new account, and transfer some money to it. He would also need to instruct the bank to deposit his next check to that account, if it came before the bank account number is changed.

Jerry said then he should go to the Social Security Office, change his address, and bank information. Allen said he would take him if needed. Jerry accepted that and said it could be sometime before he would get his car because he felt it necessary to leave his wife with transportation. Jerry then stated he would need to get his supplemental insurance moved and get that settled. Barry said someone would be available when needed. Jerry thanked everyone and said he wanted to relax and complete Monday before he talked a lot more. Allen wrote his phone number on a pad for Jerry and Barry also wrote his just in case. I put mine on the pad also and took my leave.

This is not settled and the next few weeks could be very tense.

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