May 5, 2017

David Mendosa

I am happy that Gretchen Becker at Wildly Fluctuating was able to put her thoughts together and write her blog. It is well written and describes David very well. For those that are not aware, David has incurable cancer, angioscarcoma in the liver. He has recently been moved to respite care at a place with 24-hour care but may be able to return to his apartment if he can gain back some strength.

For those that want to read her blog, please do so.

For me, David was a mentor, and did his best to teach me how to find information and make use of this information. I do my best, but at times not to David's standards. He seldom made comments when I did something poorly, but always praised me when I did things correctly.

We often blogged about the same topic and did it from different points of view. We also corresponded when we found something related to a blog by the other we wanted to expand on what had been written. We often corresponded about blogs each other had written and I really appreciated this.

We also corresponded when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he wished me well. I am fortunate mine was treatable and the last PSA test came back at 0.8 in an official range of 0 to 6.0. I was wondering what my A1C was going to be because of all the comfort food I was eating while having radiation, but that too was a surprise. It is still higher than I wanted at 6.9 percent, but lower than it could have been.

I am going to miss him greatly when to finishes his journey as many have expressed in comments to the posts on the site he set up for his final journey. David has had a healing effect on many that read his blog and website, plus his blog articles on Health Central.

I think Gretchen's last paragraph is so important that I will quote it, as it is who David Mendosa is. “David has said that he hopes his legacy will be his promotion of low-carb diets for people with diabetes. Even at the end, he is thinking of the well-being of fellow patients with diabetes.”

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