April 21, 2017

Why as We Age, Do Doctors Say Raise Your A1C

This seems to be the rule as I age and I have more doctors asking me to raise my HbA1c. When I ask to what level, currently, I am told between 8.0 and 9.0. I am guessing this is because I am on insulin as two others that are on metformin or another oral medication have not been told to raise their A1C.

Allen, who regularly has an A1C below 5.6 percent, has also been advised to raise his A1C, however, he continues to say it will be what it is and I can do no less. He continues to eat very low carb and eats the fats to his satisfaction.

I suspect my A1C will rise because of all the comfort food I have consumed while undergoing the radiation for my prostate cancer. I have not had a PSA test since completing the radiation, but I will have one shortly, as well as the A1c test.

I am beginning to feel better, but other things are creating stress and three good friends are also battling for their lives. These three occupy my thoughts and best wishes are going out to them. I have been reassured by all three that they are not experiencing a lot of pain and one of the three is in an Iowa hospital full time. His daughter is passing information to several of us as she can. The rest of his family is gathering and she says her father is happy to see them.

My friend in North Dakota is ready to be admitted in a hospital, but his family has encouraged him to go to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He has resisted so far, but is now considering this as his son has said he will pay for the trip and the family will cover any expense insurance will not cover. They are making calls to Sloan Kettering to see if they will accept him.

Then today, a cousin notified me that another of our relatives has passed. He was killed in an auto accident and it has been proven that the other driver was under the influence and because this is the fourth accident caused by him, at least he is finally being charged and will stand trial.
Stress has been with me the last week as I thought I was healing well after the radiation, but then some of the lining has started to come loose and the pain factor is worse than the pain during radiation. This lasted for 24 hours and I did not get much sleep during this. Now a couple of days later, my system has finally relaxed and I have had two nights of 12 hours of sleep each night. Now to see how much sleep I get for the next two nights.

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