March 5, 2017

Our March Support Group Meeting

We had our first March meeting on March 4. Only one person was absent and we all knew the reason. He had recently been involved in an accident and was recovering from some injuries. The three children were home and his daughter asked if she could come to the meeting. Brenda had said yes and the daughter was introduced to the group.

Brenda said that we have a lot to cover after two months without a meeting. She thanked everyone for paying his or her dues without a meeting and it was appreciated. Then she turned the meeting over to Allison.

Allison started by thanking me for several blog posts and stated that she wanted to use three of them, but not for this meeting. She continued that with the number of people that had the flu, she felt that topic needed to be covered. She said that we were fortunate not to have had anyone die or be hospitalized in critical condition. She asked how many had the flu shot this season. Only two hands were raised. Ouch, she exclaimed and let out an expletive.

Next, she said she is not a nurse, but that she is surprised that more do not have a flu shot. Several hands went up and when she called on Max, he said that he had a flu shot during the previous season, but became sick shortly after and when he was hospitalized, he was told that he had a high level of mercury in his system and the doctors told him not to get any more shots unless they were mercury free. Max said that the hospital forgot to order any that did not contain any mercury. Two others said the same applied to them.

Allison asked if any others had been tested and two more hands went up with one of them saying he had the test results and a copy of the order from the doctor. Allison asked to see the test results and was surprised at the information on the test results sheet.

Then she asked if there were some that had flu shots every other year. Most of the rest raised their hands and Allison said this might be why the rest has minor cases of the flu.

Allison ended the talk about flu and said she would have Brenda send out an email after she has talked to a couple of doctors about levels of mercury and if there are above average people with high levels of mercury.

Then Allison asked if anyone had other vaccines during the last year. Seven hands were raised and all said tetanus and they knew about the mercury in the tetanus vaccine.

Allison then asked about any other vaccinations and two said they had been vaccinated for hepatitis B, which also has mercury as part of the vaccine.

At that point Allison advised all members to ask if receiving a vaccination to ask if mercury is present in the vaccine,

She also added that you will hear the term thimerosal, which includes the mercury.

This raised several questions, which she wrote out as she was not aware of the answer and said she would get the answer and Brenda would email the answer.

With that, Allison said she was done and thanked everyone for being honest and aware of the potential problems.

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