February 26, 2017

Questions To Ask Your Diabetes Doctor

This is more complicated than it needs to be, but there are five questions that need asking first. Please go to this by David Mendosa for the first five questions as some doctors will not answer the next ten or will only answer a few of them. Some of the following 10 questions may be passed off to CDEs or RDs. Understand that this is for people with type 2 diabetes.

#1. Does having diabetes mean that I am at higher risk for other medical problems? The answer is yes. Often heart disease and hypertension is the most common, but there are others.

#2. Should I start seeing other doctors regularly, such as an eye doctor? Again, the answer is yes. Make sure you see an eye doctor regularly starting shortly after diagnosis. Make the same regularity for a dentist and a podiatrist for foot care and foot inspection.

#3. How often should I test my blood sugar, and what should I do if it is too high or too low? This will depend on the medication you are using and whether you can afford to buy more test strips than your insurance will reimburse the pharmacy. If your blood glucose reading is too high, then you need to consider eating less carbohydrates at each meal. If your blood glucose level is too low, this is when you may need glucose tablets or a 15-gram quick acting carbohydrate.

#4. Are there any new medications that I could use to help manage my diabetes? It seems there are always some new medications available, but do you know the side effects you will likely encounter which may be serious.

#5. Does diabetes mean I have to stop eating the foods I like best? For some people this may be a great idea, but for other people planning meals to occasionally enjoy a small serving can work.

#6. How can exercise make a difference in my diabetes? If you are medically able, exercise if done regularly can help manage blood glucose and help with weight loss if needed. Make sure that your blood glucose levels are in the safe ranges to do exercise.

#7. If I am overweight, how many pounds do I have to lose to make a difference in my health? This will depend on whom you are talking to and how much you are overweight. Many will say 10 pounds and other will say 10 percent of your weight.

#8. Are my children at increased risk for the disease? In many cases, they are at an increased risk.

#9. What is the importance of diet in diabetes? Forget about diets as many people fail at maintaining a diet. Learn to make a food plan that becomes permanent for you.

#10. Do I need to take my medications even on days that I feel fine? This depends on the medication and all are taken on days you feel fine. It is the days that your don't feel good, are ill and possibly will not feel like eating that may determine whether you take your medication. Insulin and sulfonylureas are medications that care must be taken and doctor's orders need to be carefully followed. Your blood glucose level will also be a factor.

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