February 23, 2017

Diabetes Is Not Your Fault

It does not matter what type of diabetes that is diagnosed, it still comes with a jolt, a shock, or a big dread. Once the pronouncement has been made, then the anger, guilt, denial, depression, anxiety, loneliness, helplessness, and fear can set in. Hopefully they don't all arrive at once, but much of this can happen.

If it is type 2 diabetes, then many people develop a lot of self-blame, or the feeling that the diabetes is their fault. This means that stigma is attached to them and people keep reminding them of this. It is unfortunate that good diabetes management generally involves losing or maintaining weight. This is where people want to lay a guilt trip on the person with diabetes.

Why is it acceptable in America for people to blame others for getting diabetes? This is very hurtful and generally inaccurate. Lifestyle can be the cause, but generally, it is the people who are genetically disposed that get type 2 diabetes. Genetics will affect when two people can both live a sedentary and unhealthy eating lifestyle, only one gets diabetes and the other does not.

The problem is that you did not cause the diabetes you have. It does not mean that you are a bad person. It is just that your body has decided that it wants to behave differently than we would like. At present, there is no way of knowing what triggered your body to develop diabetes, just that you were capable of getting diabetes.

The good news is that there is an upside, yes, I said upside, and I did not stutter. Since type 2 diabetes is generally a lifestyle disease, exercise and way of life will have an effect on diabetes. You have the opportunity to change your lifestyle and delay or even prevent any complications. It is up to you!

The other advantage of having diabetes it that it is manageable. All it requires is an effort on your part to turn your life around. And no, I did not say cure, but diabetes is manageable and you can manage it.

For those that wonder why them when no one else in their family has diabetes, I will not tell them that someone in their past may have been predisposed to diabetes, but never was diagnosed. I will not tell them that they just don't know. Many people from past generations were very secretive about their health. I know, my father's family was that way. You just did not talk about health issues with them. My mother's family was a little more open, but they still were not a fountain of information.

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