December 26, 2016

Dietitians Being Called Out By Bloggers

More bloggers are becoming active in highlighting the faults of the different antics of dietitian organizations around the world. Most dietitian organization officers and staff are tools of Big Food and Big Beverage and in some countries, the dietitian members are the activists for the food and beverage companies.

Yes, I call them antics because they behave like the anointed and will not put up with any debate or discussion on the topic of dietetics. When there is discussion, they say that the patients do not understand and they must reteach them the importance of diet. They must follow their directions as to the number of carbohydrates they must consume and if they have diabetes, they inform the doctor that they need more medications or a higher dose of medications.

In some countries, they monitor what patients are told and expose other dietitians, doctors, and others and they are put on notice that the dietitian is no longer a dietitian. The doctor is often charged with not being authorized to practice nutrition and brought up on charges. Other people are charged with practicing nutrition without a license and this has happened in the State of North Carolina against Steve Cooksey. Fortunately, he was able to defeat the NC dietetic board.

This is one more reason we need to be watchful as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is bringing more bills before more legislatures in more states to make them the only source of nutrition and dietary advice. Under the current president of the Certified Diabetes Educators, Hope Warshaw, who is also a registered dietitian, is also making more state legislatures receive bills to make the Registered Dietitians the only source of dietary advice. This makes two organizations pushing the same information at state legislatures.

Read this by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick about some of the other dietitian acts in other countries. Then read this by Eddie at Low Carb Diabetic for his take on dietitians. It could be very informative to follow these two bloggers for other activities of dietitians.

There are other bloggers that occasionally write about dietitians, myself included, but only when something is very obvious. Most are low carb bloggers and object to dietitians that push low fat and high carb diets.

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