December 2, 2016

Christmas Gifts for People with Diabetes

Gifts for people with diabetes can be troublesome for many people. This is why I have reviewed my previous blogs and will list them for your reading. This blog from December 2012 is one of the better ones.

At this time of year and before birthdays, people are always looking for gifts that people with diabetes will appreciate. Joslin Diabetes has a list and some suggestions that could be appropriate. I will say that the books listed in the blog should be considered with care as the American Diabetes Association is not known for low carbohydrate cookbooks, but some may appreciate them.

One suggestion from the Joslin blog is the possible purchase of an electronic food scale that calculates the carb counts of food. This may be on the expensive side for many people, but could be of value if you have the funds. On the less expensive side are items like a pedometer or resistance bands. Read the entire Joslin blog as ideas are presented to the end of the blog.

Another suggestion is a scale that allows you to zero out the container and give the weight only of different contents in the container or containers. This is what I own and I enjoyed it for several years before I remarried and my wife took over doing most of the cooking.

The second blog is about poor gift ideas for people with diabetes. Food is often the choice of many people to give as gifts and why they assume that sugar free is all they need to be concerned about is puzzling to most of us with type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

The third blog is about various gifts that are suitable for all ages, from young children to senior citizens. And many gifts are for different occasions, which can be valuable for people looking for gifts.

I will be pulling together different ideas for gifts during the next year and hopefully will have more suggestions another year.

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