October 30, 2016

Health Is Everything

A few months ago, I would not have given this a second thought, even with type 2 diabetes. Now it is part of my everyday thoughts and wondering how to improve my health.

What happened? On September 7, I was taking a trash bag out to the curb to have it ready for pickup the next day. As I set the bag down, I apparently caught my left foot in the crab grass growing near the sidewalk and over I went, full out onto the street.

When I came aware in a few minutes, I attempt to get up. However, the pain in my left shoulder would not allow any weight on it. The only thing I could determine was that I had injured my shoulder in trying to break my fall. About 15 minutes later, two individuals coming to visit someone in the apartment building next door stopped and asked if I needed help. My answer was yes.

They were able to get me into a sitting position and then my neighbor arrived and with him pulling on my right arm and the two of them grabbing my pants and lifting, I was standing. My neighbor was able to walk me to my entrance and I was able to get into my apartment.

After cleaning myself off, I knew I was in trouble and drove myself to the local hospital emergency room. After about 30 or more minutes of them prodding and poking me, I was sent for x-rays of my shoulder. My shoulder socket was separated from the ball of my left arm and the ball was broken, a crack extended almost to my elbow and the elbow was cracked. I was fitted with a motion immobilizer and a sling. I was given a class 2 narcotic pain killer and sent home with instructions to see a bone doctor as soon as possible.

Because my wife would not let me drive, the appointment was delayed for two days and I needed more pain medication. Because of all the fuss and restriction placed on class 2 pain meds, they can no longer call them to your pharmacy and the pharmacy can no longer receive a call or fax for these meds. A patient can carry a prescription once he/she has seen a doctor. As a result, I could only receive a prescription for tramadol.

The following week went okay, as I was able to avoid any pain meds. The following Monday and Tuesday, I required some pain meds and I took some of the tramadol. Unfortunately, not having taken tramadol, I had forgotten my blog here about tramadol, and did I receive a shock when I finally was awakened on Wednesday morning. I had received a shot containing glucose because my blood glucose level was 24 mg/dl. I was asked to have something more as the 15 minutes had passed. I asked for the gel as it had 25 grams of glucose. No, I don't remember my reading before the gel, but 15 minutes later, it was 60 mg/dl. At that point, I was able to get up and be dressed. They, my wife included, still wanted me to go to the hospital emergency room.

Once there, I was given more carbs – too many as far as I was concerned and after I was given a new chart for my insulin dosage, I was sent home. It is only a short walk, but my glucose reading at home was 164 mg/dl. I am very unhappy with the new insulin chart now that I am more than a month away and have adapted the chart to my needs. My insulin needs have decreased as my weight has dropped and I am using less insulin.

Next, I have had a prostate biopsy and that result showed that I now have prostate cancer. I will not know more until the last of this month when I will see the Urologist again.

If you are wondering about how important your health is, and if reading this hasn't caused some concern, just realize how quickly the situation can change. I will update this as I learn more and my arm continues to heal.

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