August 17, 2016

Find Help and Support That Works for You

I normally don't look for ways to disagree with doctors, but recently I could not avoid disagreeing with a doctor. I don't like being backed into a corner and I came out more aggressive than I like, but this doctor was pushing all the wrong buttons and seems determined to create a hostile confrontation.

He was telling me that I should pay more attention to some websites than I do and pay less attention to others. He was pushing WebMD harder than I would ever consider, but I did agree that sometimes there is learning you can do on many websites, even this website.

He selected this topic from WebMD and I said I have already used it for a blog. He agreed and wondered why I had passed on discussing this section.

You need a medical team that knows diabetes inside and out. They could include:
  1. An endocrinologist, who has a lot of experience working with people who have diabetes
  2. An ophthalmologist for your eyes
  3. A pharmacist, who's familiar with all your medicines
  4. A registered dietitian, who can give you pointers on what to eat
  5. A diabetes educator
Now I said that was done for a reason and he wanted to know why. I tried to evade the question and he was having none of it. I said that the first three could be excellent choices, but the last two could be horrible choices. I said I have had less than pleasant experiences always with number four, and too many relatives that are number five. I do not work well with those in number five that have dual titles or more titles.

Now the doctor wanted to know which dual titles and I said #4 and #5. I then added how inadequate the list was. Where were other professions that a person might need? Now the doctor had to agree and he asked which professions. I said the list could include any of the following:
  1. A podiatrist for foot care
  2. A cardiologist for caring for you heart and blood system
  3. A neurologist for brain and nerve care
  4. An urologist for bladder and kidney care
  5. A primary care physician for health care
  6. Other doctors as the need is there
When I stopped, he insisted on knowing what other doctors I might need. I said possibly a surgeon, an ear, nose, and throat doctor, a hearing doctor, a sleep doctor, and I added that the list could go on. I said that every person is different and could need different doctors as no OB/GYN has been mentioned. A therapist and many other specialists are missing.

Then the doctor asked why I was so against registered dietitians. I said because they have a national organization that is trying to make them the only source for nutrition. I said that most do not have but a bachelors degree and think they know everything about nutrition. Most promote high carbohydrate consumption and low fat food plans and do not accept other meal plans.

As people with diabetes, we need to limit our carbohydrate consumption and increase our fat consumption. Some can increase protein intake, but others should not and most registered dietitians will not accept this.

Since I knew that the doctor I was talking with was a mental health therapist, I said that many people refuse to see a therapist because they often hear this - “It is only in your head.” For people with diabetes, stress and depression can be a fact of life when managing diabetes. The doctor said okay, I may have deserved that, but I also have type 2 diabetes and can understand where you are speaking about diabetes.

If you want more, read my previous blog on diabetes support.

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