July 10, 2016

Many Veterans Not Receiving Medical Care

Why is this happening? It is happening because a few high ranking personnel within the VA system do not want to lose their bonuses of up to a million dollars. Yes, that is right. Starting with the Secretary for Veteran Affairs and down to the State offices, they have gotten so used to the bonuses, they will do anything to keep them.

This includes declaring up to 6,000 living veterans deceased in the US and ending their benefits. It also includes increasing the paperwork to prevent eligible veterans from obtaining benefits. In the last several years, the schemes have multiplied to prevent veterans from receiving benefits.

The members of our support group have generally received benefits, but many are being delayed and or rescheduled for periods up to three months. I have been postponed now for the last three times and various excuses are given me.

Other than the fact I don't like traveling when it is snowing, I will now need to take my chances and now I will be forced to travel in either January or February. I had avoided this for several years, but continued delays will now make this happen.

We know this is being directed by someone at the state level and it involves transfers of doctors, and someone in the local office providing information to that person.

Do I expect repercussions from this blog? Possibly, but I am not sure what will happen. I do know how I will react if there are problems.

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