June 11, 2016

We Did Have a June Meeting

Very few wanted a meeting on the fourth, but we agreed to a meeting on 10 June. No one was absent which we hoped for and we were fortunate to have a special visitor. This was our honorary type 1 member.

Allison was happy to see her and asked how she was doing with her meal plan? Ellie said that she was happy with her meal plan and would be living off campus next year so she could cook her own meals. This would allow her to avoid some of the problem people she was having disagreements with on her meal plan. She said she had discovered two other students that were following the same type of meal plan and would be living with them. Ellie continued that one is another type 1 and the second is MODY, but at this time, she hadn't stated the specifics.

Ellie asked if everyone could have a late July meeting that wanted to attend as both would be here and she would like the two to meet those that helped her. She said she knew Suzanne would not be available, but asked Allison if she could be. Allison said she would attempt to be present if it was on a Saturday as otherwise she would also be unavailable.

Tim brought up a calendar and read off the last two Saturdays of 23 and 30 July. Allison said she had 23 July available and Ellie said she could schedule that Saturday to have both here. Tim asked how many would like to attend and a show of hands was only 21 people. Ellie said that the people attending were the people she hoped would come and Tim made a list of those and said they would be reminded closer to the date.

Allen then asked Ellie how she was doing in her classes and Ellie said she would show him later. Max spoke and said we would like to know now and not wait until later. With that she handed me her semester grades and I asked Allen what he thought they might be. When he could not guess, I stated that we could only wish we were that smart, as there was nothing but A's. This brought a round of applause and Ellie seemed embarrassed. I said she should be happy that she could accomplish this as many of us would or did have a difficult time getting this close.

Tim took over the meeting and asked if anyone had recently had a meeting with a diabetes educator that was only about nutrition. Three hands went up and all three said they had contacted their insurance companies and explained what had happened. Tim asked if anyone else had this happen to him or her. One more had went up, and she explained that she had forgot to call her insurance. Tim asked when and she said the previous day. Tim asked if she had the number and she said she did and Tim told her to step outside and make the call immediately.

While she was out, Tim said we do this because they are trying to prevent you from seeing Allison or Suzanne and if they can get a billing through, then they will have prevented this. Alice raised her hand and then asked Tim if this applied to Beverly and diabetes education. Tim asked if Beverly had been present when the three or four of them had driven to Waterloo. Alice said yes, and Tim said then you are okay as Beverly is still in the learning mode and as long as she was present, there was no problem. The only problems we have is when CDEs switch to teaching only nutrition to use the hours Allison and Suzanne are entitled to bill for if you use them.

Beverly is still in training and she is providing names of CDEs for us to use that will stick to diabetes education. Once she has completed her training and is a CDE, then we will ask that you use her. With her husband having type 2 diabetes and her being a registered nurse, we know that the education will be what we need.

At that point, Julie came back and said the insurance thanked her and the CDE would not be paid for switching to nutrition. Tim announced to everyone that he had a list of approved CDEs to use until Beverly had her CDE license. He said I know that most are in the Waterloo area and travel is involved, but most have agreed to see two or three at one time. There were more questions for another half hour, but by then the room was clean and we were ready to leave.

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