June 17, 2016

A Death from Type 2 Secrecy

This afternoon, June 16, Brenda sent out several emails that the woman she and Sue were working with, had passed. Even the husband was not aware of what had happened and the children had found her and the oldest had called 911, but the emergency medical people with the ambulance could not revive her. The oldest daughter called Brenda to come over after calling 911. Sue was there as well now and the husband had gone directly to the hospital.

Brenda said that the husband had called her after he found out what had happened and was very despondent. She said the doctor was counseling him and would not let him leave until they knew he would be okay. Brenda said that the two girls were crying and were wondering what they could have done. She said Sue had talked to the doctor and the doctor would be sending someone to help explain to the children that there was nothing they did wrong. He had asked the husband how much insulin his wife had that morning and he said he had seen eight vials and the EMT had reported only six vials and had found none in the waste baskets they had checked.

Sue said she had gone completely through the house and had found an empty vial in the upstairs bathroom. Brenda said she had found a second empty vial in the kitchen garbage and called the doctor to report what had been found. She said the doctor had guessed the cause of death was from hypoglycemia, but they would wait for the autopsy to be completed.

The husband then called to ask Brenda if she could take a few of the girls clothes and keep them overnight and not send them to school the next day. He had just found out that his wife had been told about her breast cancer that morning and he was not aware that no one had been with her when she found out. She had not gone back to work and everyone figured she had gone home. Even he was not aware of her seeing the doctor.

Brenda said the husband would be staying with his folks for the night and her parents would be there in the early evening. The doctor had approved this and was happy that he would have his family around him, as his sister would be there also. Brenda said she would put out another email when things were more definite.

This has several members of our support group upset and wondering why this happened.  Suicide was not on our minds and we are all wondering what we can do.  Many are thinking about talking to her parents and seeing if this can help,  We will be talking to the doctor first, to ask if we need to delay things or if we need to talk among ourselves and no one else.  Tim has scheduled us to talk with a pastor on Monday.

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