May 23, 2016

How Important Are Words to the Message?

I admit that some words do affect my blood pressure. A few years ago, it was the word diabetics. Now it is people with diabetes. I attended a lecture recently and the person speaking used those three words so much I finally got up and left the room. Grammatically the speaker made the same mistake over and over when saying, “Now you is people with diabetes,” or “If I were people with diabetes.” After I left the room, six others followed and then her assistant came out to shoo us back in and we were not going back in.

When asked why, one person said we keep waiting for her to replicate into several people so that her grammar would be correct. Has she not heard of person with diabetes and how to use it? I added that political correctness is the in thing for many people, but she is so incorrect, it is sickening. After finishing and answering a few questions, she came out to ask us why we left. When everyone started to move to her and forced her into a corner, I knew that she was to be lectured about political correctness.

Since I wanted to hear another speaker, I quietly walked away to find that room for later. When I found it, I went to my car to eat my lunch. Yes, lunch was part of the package, but apparently not too many were making use of it as there were a lot of people eating in their cars.

When the sessions resumed, the first speaker asked why so many had not eaten the provided meal. One brave soul said because it was more carbs than he wanted for lunch. This received a round of applause. Then the speaker asked for an estimate on the grams of carb and several said 45 to 50 grams. Okay said the speaker, you don't have a reason for not eating. How many grams did you eat at your car was the next question. Several said 15 to 20 grams and a few said 20 to 25 grams.

Then the speaker turned most of us off when he stated we should all eat 45 to 60 grams of carbs per meal. Several people stood and one person asked if the topic had changed from the publicized topic or if we were in the wrong room. No answer from the speaker, but I felt that this topic deserved some time. Several almost in unison said stick to the topic, or give us back our money.

The speaker made the mistake of adding more about carbs and everyone got up and left. It turned out that several other sessions emptied near the same time. Apparently very few wanted to hear information on eating many more carbs. The organizer followed up with letters saying that anyone that left early would not receive refunds and the speakers had already been paid. I don't know about the rest, but I will blog about the poor quality of speakers and remind people that the event is not worth the money. The lunch was over priced and loaded with carbs and not only were those of us that carried our own lunch ridiculed, but we were chastised for eating less by often more than half. This is not what we wanted to hear from people that are supposedly professionals.

Yes, most of the speakers were doctors and a couple were CDEs. In an impromptu meeting outside the building, many of us agreed we had been badly treated and we needed to let the different communities know how the doctors talked down to us as patients and chastised us for our choices. Several said they would send letters to the editor of their local paper and most agreed that other papers would pick up the story.

This is the reason for not naming the group or the organizers at this time. I am just sorry I spent the money and made the trip to be put down like we were.

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