March 15, 2016

LCHF Being Discouraged by Dietitians

Are dietitians the modern day luddites? From what we are seeing, this is apparently very true. The dietetic groups in several countries are persecuting doctors and even their own members for speaking out against low fat high carbohydrate food plans and in favor with low carbohydrate high fat food plans.

Starting with Jennifer Elliott, an Australian dietitian, who has been de-registered by her professional body: the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) for putting her patients health above the interests of the corrupt DAA, to Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa who is facing a hearing that is anything but fair. Some are saying it is more like the Spanish Inquisition.

If dietitians and their associations were beacons of success, I could understand their concerns. However, many of the dietetic organizations and their members have received money from junk food companies. Most of the dietetic organizations and their members have not achieved anything in the obesity battle and the linked type 2 diabetes.

David Mendosa has a blog with an image of a headstone and the words on it are Low-Fat, born 1939, died 2015 – helped the world get fatter and sicker. Unfortunately, this may only be for the United States at present as the dietetic organizations and their members in many other countries are doubling down on the value of low fat and pushing carbohydrates with the help of junk food companies.

In the United States, the low fat high carbohydrate diet recommendations may soon be going the way of the Dodo, as will many dietitians that cling to failed pseudo science. If dietitians want to be respected as true professionals, they should they should start acting like professionals. This means that they would work with all professionals for the benefit of their patients. In addition, they must free themselves from junk food companies, who have infiltrated many of the dietetic organizations and bought the approval of countless dietitians worldwide.

Fortunately the world of dietetics is not a lost cause, indeed the opposite applies. The list of Scientists, Doctors and Dietitians grows longer by the day, who have raised themselves above the parapet, of greed and the corruption of junk food. They realize the last forty years of low fat and high carbohydrate recommendations have failed totally. These enlightened professionals are recommending a whole fresh food diet, it is ludicrous for anyone to argue against a real food lifestyle. The longer the established dietetic organizations try to turn back the tide, the more irrelevant they will become.

This diet can no longer be defended by appeal to the authority of prestigious medical organizations or by rejecting clinical experience and a growing medical literature suggesting that the much-maligned low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet may have a salutary effect on the epidemics in question.

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