February 27, 2016

Seven Neglected Areas That Sabotage Healthy Aging – P2

This series is important and everyone needs to know something about this as they age and/or their parents age. I will be using people (including myself) with type 2 diabetes as examples and for most of the discussion. I will be listing some of my blogs that are on topic where I have blogs. I found this information in a blog by Dr. Leslie Kernisan.

Falls are problems for many as they age. People with type 2 diabetes are at risk and risk generally more severe injuries because of diabetes. Falls are common for the elderly. Many falls cause only minor injuries, but they are scary and can cause older adults to restrict their activities. In fact, fear of falling is common and has been linked to decreased involvement in activities. It is also a risk factor for future falls.

More injurious fall can cause life-changing injuries such as broken hips and head injuries. These falls are a major reason for people having to leave their homes.

Most falls in the elderly are due to a combination of underlying risk factors or health problems. Insufficient strength or balance is usually one of the problems. This can be addressed with the right exercises, but it’s good to check for other factors, such as medication side-effects or even a new illness.

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