November 22, 2015

Our November Meeting Did Not Happen

We tried for November 14, but too many of our members were ill and all but one had their flu shot. I was the one without my flu shot, and I was only sick for two days. A mild case if I do say so. One other had it for two days, and the rest were sick for five or six days. As everyone was getting better, several more of the members became ill. There went our meeting for November 21 as Beverly's husband Tom was also down with the flu and she had the program.

Therefore, we are leaving the November meeting for December 5 or 12, depending on the weather.

It turns out that three of the members ended up in the hospital and all three had their flu shot. Tim sent out an email to all of us and commented that this was the first year that we have had any members sick from the flu in four years. He wished the three still in the hospital a happy Thanksgiving even if they might not feel like celebrating.

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