October 11, 2015

In Dealing with CDEs and RDs, Are You Confused?

You very easily could be. With so many having dual titles, they often switch from one profession to another without saying anything. If you have an appointment for diabetes education, it will start out as education, but somewhere in the education, they switch to telling you what to eat and you are in areas that a dietitian should be covering.

I haven't had this happen to me, but several of our new members have been asking questions about how to handle this when it happens. I thanked Jake for how he handled the situation. When diabetes education became about food and the number of carbohydrates, Jake told the instructor that he was there for diabetes education and not what a dietitian was to be teaching in a class he would be attending the following week.

Jake told me that he hadn't raised his voice and thought he was polite, but the CDE/RD turned on him and told him that she was qualified to teach both and would teach both. Jake said that this was only about 15 minutes into the session, but he decided it was time to leave. Once he was out of sight of the building, he called the insurance company and informed them about what had happened and said it was more about information than diabetes education.

His health insurance company was very thorough in their questions and when they had the information, they thanked him and said she would be paid for education only since that was what the class was supposed to be about. He was told that she would only be paid for 15 minutes. He was asked if he would be attending any more classes with her and Jake said no, after what happened.

Allen also thanked him and said that he could believe she would bill for the full time and for both education and diet advice. Another new member, Elmer, said something similar had happened to him, only it was in reverse. Both Allen and Jake advised him to contact his health insurance and let them know what happened. Allen said we don't believe they should be able to cover both topics during a session and be paid for both especially when they were referred for one topic only.

I said this is what more dual titled people are doing and we don't think this is right as even doctors are being limited in what they can charge for when you go in to see a doctor. I continued that is why we are asking my cousin to speak at our next meeting to give everyone a better understanding of nutrition and what balancing a meal plan means. Carbohydrates will not be pushed and she will work with you at the level of carbohydrates you desire to consume.

Jake said that then I would be wiser to not attend the meeting with a dietitian. Allen said that is up to you, but you will learn more with Bob's cousin. Most of us use her and she helped me when I needed help because I was vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficient and receiving shots to help. I had not been cleared for supplements, but she went with me to a special appointment and talked with the doctor after hours and had a meal plan I approved of and was able to use and with the supplements that were necessary.

She helped Jerry and others when they needed help. I said Brenda is the only one she has not worked with because her daughter helps her. Allen continued that even Brenda respects Suzanne and asked her questions from time to time, but does not use her, as she prefers to keep it in the family. I said Suzanne knows this and respects this.

Allen told the two new members that he would contact Tim and explain what had happened and ask Tim to send out an email to all members about this and suggest that the rest of the members hold up in any appointments with CDEs or RDs. I said that most of the older members could help with education and that my cousin Beverly already was helping members on education. Jake and Elmer said this sounds like what we should do.

Jake and Elmer thanked us for our time and Jake said he felt better after talking with someone.

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