July 1, 2015

Google, the Internet Bully

If you don't recognize these bully tactics then you are supporting Google at the level they desire.
  1. No extra posts on Google+ from What's Hot and Recommended and other recommended topics for you to read. The less your activity, the more unrequested posts you will receive. They will be from anyone and everyone you do not know and do not have in your circles. Google is considering pulling the plug on Google+, so why should I get excited about helping them.
  2. If you use Google mail, the left column probably has Google chat available. I am constantly reminded to change to Google hangout, a part of Google+. This is not my desire, as several of the people I chat with prefer the chat as opposed to the hangout.
  3. If you blog on Google blogger, you are supposed to use Google advertising. Many of us do not want the advertising because we do not support the products advertised. Google likes to play games with us by adjusting the blogger settings and stopping comments, changing the number of blogs that can be displayed, and in general messing with your preferences. I have needed to review my settings on a weekly basis to find what GOOGLE in their bully tactics had decided to change.
So if you are not contributing to Google's bottom line, expect to find them adding to anything that you do on Google+, change settings on Google blogger, and keep pushing Google products and changes to help them make money from your activities.

The only plus I can give Google is for their email service. I seldom have problems with being hacked, but I have learned to change my password on a fairly regular basis and use complicated passwords. Yahoo on the other hand seems to care less about security and I was hacked several times and lost my account the second time to the hacker. I will never use them again because of the poor security they have in place and seem to care less about guarding your account.

However, I will continue to guard my Google accounts until such a day that I can find a better and less bullying account – then it will be bye – bye Google.

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