April 29, 2015

Conclusion of Diabetes Complications and Related Topics

The last blog about polypharmacy concludes the blogs on diabetes complications and related topics. This does not mean that I will not write more blogs, as I find more information. Almost weekly, new information appears about a study that affects how a complication could be treated. Often it can take several months for the information to be accepted and put into practice or be rejected as unproven.

This happens because many studies become junk science as the researchers were attempting to salvage something for the money spent on the study. Sometimes the research itself was unreliable and a few of the researchers cherry pick results that they wanted. Other times, journals do not approve the study for publication and the researchers submit it to several journals with no success.

I will continue to look for more studies that will provide information on the diabetes complications and the related topics. I have several other topics coming about some of the natural substances that have been in the news lately that may not be safe when used with some of the prescription drugs. Some of them I have blogged about previously, but more are coming into the news because people are having problems by combining the natural substances with prescription drugs and creating toxic effects.

Two of the prior members were just released from the hospital this weekend from the toxic effects from a fruit and both were on statins. Jerry said he knew what was happening and called Tim and asked for a meeting of those that had helped him. Tim sent out emails and we met Monday evening for about an hour.

Jerry said he would be sending emails to the members that his wife had talked away from our group and warning them not to be eating certain natural substances. I asked Jerry to hold up, as there were several spices, fruits, and other substances that could be added to the list and we had better do our research before he sent out emails. Then I retracted that, and said to go ahead as the warning should be sent immediately and we could add information to another email.

Barry said he would search for more information as he thought he remembered where he had seen some information. Allen said he had a few items pulled into a word processor and he would send them to Jerry. I added that I would send copies of what would be posted and he could use what he needed from them.

Tim admitted he did not have the time, but would search when he could. A.J said he could search and with that, maybe we could stay ahead to the information being dispersed by the person.

With that, we ended the meeting and agreed we would stay in contact. Then A.J asked to follow me home with Jerry as he wanted to talk some more. When we arrive, A.J asked if the person would really do something this dangerous to these people. Jerry admitted that she could and felt that by putting out this information, we could prevent more of our prior members from being hospitalized.

A.J then suggested that he would send out emails to others of the group explaining what had happened and warning then about advice they might receive. First, he would talk to Tim, but he felt this would be a good way to warn everyone. Jerry agreed, as did I, and Jerry and A.J left.

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