January 4, 2015

Thanks for a Great Year!

This may be one of the more difficult blogs I do for a while. How much do I want to say now and how much to I want to keep for myself. I had set a goal for doing a blog each day in 2014 and I actually did this starting on October 20, 2013. Some were short and a few were longer than they should have been. I am happy that my health stayed fairly stable and allowed me to accomplish the goal.  The first thing I am doing is take two days off and relax.

This is the first year that I have been able to receive the full studies for more of the topics when I asked. I am expanding the people that can help me as sometimes the authors of the studies do not answer emails, but others have helped me and for that, I am thankful.

I have not completed setting my goals for 2015, but I have taken a challenge from this blogger and her point number 4 in this blog. I will try to do more blogs about managing type 2 diabetes. There are a couple of other things that I am thinking about, but have not finalized. I know that our support group has grown during the last quarter of 2014, but a few members are not sure they wish to be written about even using nicknames.

I will not be having a blog each day this year. I enjoyed meeting the challenge in 2014, but I would not like to do this another year. I am exploring the idea of doing a few interviews, but have not completed plans for these. Two individuals have turned me down and one has accepted.

Our support group has had our ups and downs during the last year. We had two very successful interventions and more of our members are prepared to help if needed in the future. This is something we will need to sharpen our recognition skills to be able to help if needed. We are looking forward to our meetings this year as a group and we have several topics already lined up with the idea of helping our members.

Several bloggers that I have been in contact with lately are seeing an uptick in scam emails and more sites are showing up on the internet lately. I am also receiving more emails promoting topics and while I thought one was a good topic, when I did not do it immediately as asked, I have not heard further from the individual. In back checking, I have learned that this was also a scam and other bloggers may be asked to do these blogs. No, I will not give them space on my blog, as I will not promote these scammers.

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