December 22, 2014

Support for More Bloggers

One never knows when what a blogger writes about will give you the clue or missing piece that will help you with better management of your diabetes. That is why I am writing about other type 2 bloggers that presently write for Health Central. I generally enjoy reading their blogs even when I may disagree with a statement they make. I hope that I can enlighten you a bit about finding them and their past blogs.

I have spent time looking for other type 2 bloggers writing for Health Central, but the only three I have found and followed for several years include – David Mendosa, Gretchen Becker, and Dr. Bill Quick. I have given you information on David Mendosa so this blog will be about the other two. I have met both David and Gretchen and enjoyed my conversation with them. Dr. Bill Quick Is not one I have met, and I am not sure I ever will.

First, I would suggest joining the site and then you may select those that you wish to follow and when they post a new sharepost (as the site calls it); you will receive an email that will allow you to go directly to the post. I admit that I follow a couple of other bloggers that post fairly regular, but not many.

I admit that I often disagree with Dr. Quick and I know the reason. He is very solidly a person that believes in clinical evidence and scientific evidence from random controlled trials. Not being a person with medical training allows me to make my own observations and decisions based on my experiences. His latest blog can be found here. By clicking on his name (in blue or light blue – depending on your browser), you will be taken to his profile page. On the right side (for all posters) will be a listing of posted shareposts. Or you may use this link and then you will have a listing of shareposts and a brief description.

Gretchen's latest sharepost is here. Follow the same information above or this link for the shareposts and brief description. Enjoy reading any of the blogs and enjoy some of the humor Gretchen sprinkles in from time to time. I like the humor as some of us get too serious in our battle with diabetes and writing about it to help other people.

Gretchen's last sharepost is titled “Low-Carb Diets and Type 2 Diabetes.” It is very much appreciated by me and I have read it a couple of times just to let it sink in.

Dr. Quick's last sharepost is titled “There's Always a First Shot for People with Diabetes.” I will understand if it is something you do not want to read about as I was not happy having to do multiple daily injections of insulin, but after the first one, I was surprised that there was no pain. Yes, I occasionally hit a nerve or a small blood vessel and have some pain, but rest assured it is not that bad.

The latest on Dr. Quick says he is a type 1, but he still writes for all types.  His latest as of today Dec 22 can be found here.  It is titled "Diabetes Q&A, A day in the Life, Numbers, What to Eat."
Diabetes Q&A: A Day in the Life, Numbers, What to Eat - See more at:
Diabetes Q&A: A Day in the Life, Numbers, What to Eat - See more at:
Diabetes Q&A: A Day in the Life, Numbers, What to Eat - See more at:

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