December 12, 2014

Please, I Need Help

Yes, this last year was a great year for me, but I am asking my readers for assistance in locating other type 2 bloggers. I have found several new and some not so new type 2 diabetes bloggers. I have some more bloggers being posted on January 2, 2105. If you know a type 2 blogger, please send me an email with the internet address (URL) so that I can check them out and post them on a quarterly basis to those that are already posted. My email address is on my profile page, or you may post the information in a comment to this blog.

I have several bloggers from other countries, but I know there are more. The only qualification I am asking is that they have type 2 diabetes and are blogging about type 2 diabetes. I will include other writers, especially doctors that write about diabetes, but do not have diabetes themselves. I am cautious about some that are only advertising services for type 2 diabetes and I refuse to promote consulting and other businesses aimed at people with diabetes.

Forget about those promoting snake oil and a diabetes cure, as I will not list them. Likewise, I have an objection to those writers' that are promoting promises of a reversal of type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. It is possible for people with type 2 diabetes to avoid medication or start with medication and by changing lifestyles have been able to get off of all diabetes medications. Some are able to stay off for several years and others for a few decades.

I will not list people that have not blogged or more than 12 months. If they have restarted and have blogged for two or more months, then they are eligible to be listed.

I will be listing several blog sources that include both type 1 and type 2 bloggers, but both types are worth reading and it is easier to list the site and not pull out the type 2 only bloggers.

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