September 2, 2014

Pardon Me, I Have to Release Some Pressure

No, this is not gas I need to vent, it is just a few things I need to vent to relieve the build up of frustration, and I don't want to become angry, as that solves nothing. Blood glucose levels are difficult as it is to manage when anger isn't in the mix.

In the last few weeks, emails have been coming in at a good number, but I am surprised at the number asking why I don't blog about the cure and even more about natural remedies. Let me be very clear readers, as of yet there is no cure – read that – there is NO cure!

Yes, I know there are people on the internet claiming there is, but they did not have diabetes in the first place. Then they claim to be cured so that they can separate you from your money. They sound very convincing, but are part of the low-life that preys on people to make their life easier because they do not want to work for a living to earn money. They know there are suckers that will easily part with money for false information.

I could write many blogs about natural remedies, but people would not understand that diabetes does not go away and natural remedies only help in the short-term and once what the body needs is replenished, seldom will there be more benefits. Why, you ask? Most people want the quick fix so they can continue living life and consuming the same foods. They are unwilling to change the way of living they are accustomed to and to use exercise and nutrition changes necessary to stop diabetes from gaining a strong foothold in their lives. They are very comfortable living the current lifestyle and refuse to change.

I do blog about two of the natural remedies, exercise and proper meal plans, but most will not use these because it requires some effort which they are unwilling to put forth. I personally know two individuals with type 2 diabetes that go from natural healer to natural healer looking for the help they want.

One just had two toes amputated and still believes in natural medicine. Allen and I have both asked what his last A1c was, but he says he doesn't go to that doctor anymore. The other fellow is now legally blind and very upset that the doctor did not tell him that was possible. Allen said his last A1c was 12.3. He still is looking for a natural remedy. Neither will fill their prescriptions for diabetes medications and tell us we should not be taking insulin.

It is difficult just being around the two individuals, as they believe there is a cure that the doctors are not telling them about and the one that is blind has filed a lawsuit to have the doctor disclose the cure. Is he in for a shock!

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