September 27, 2014

Meeting with People Needing Help

Our meeting on September 26 involved all 17 of our members plus 13 people Jerry had contacted. In addition there were three doctors and two members from the other groups in our town. My cousin came as well, giving us a total of 38 people.

Tim asked Dr. Tom to talk to the group first. Dr. Tom thanked everyone for attending and Jerry for encouraging the 13 to attend. He explained that there were others not belonging to the group holding the meeting because if they felt a need to join a group, this would allow them to ask questions of those present. He introduced Glen and his wife from the group that had split from our group and the two members from the group he led.

He continued by asking if there were people from other communities. There was none as all were from our town or close to our town. Then he asked if there were any that did not have type 2 diabetes. Again, the answer was none. Dr. Tom asked Jerry to talk to the group.

Jerry thanked those not part of our group for attending and he wanted everyone to know that he has separated from his wife and was encouraging everyone not to stay with her for nutrition or dietary advice. He covered the reason for the separation and said that too many carbohydrates had affected his A1c by increasing it to higher level than when he was diagnosed. He said it might be because he is married to her, but felt the others should be warned. He said he would answer all questions later and turned it back to Tim.

Tim then asked my cousin to speak. She said she had worked with many from our group and they could answer questions about her if desired. She continued that she would work with each individual at the level each desired and within that work to balance the nutrition within his or her goals. She stated that she works with people at various levels of carbohydrates and has had success. She emphasized that a one-size-fits-all does not work, and that she works with people at the individual level.

She continued that she had talked with Jerry and would be working with him after the first of the year. She had, on her own, set up a meal plan based on his needs, and would adjust it, as he needed when he changed goals. Her main task is to keep his meal plan nutritionally balanced on a daily basis. She would work from whatever level of carbs he was comfortable consuming. That could be from zero carbs to 100 grams of carbs, but presently would not suggest higher than 100 grams until his A1c was lower.

She then stated what we all realize that are on insulin – we need to reduce our carbohydrate consumption when we start on insulin, as not doing this will generally cause a weight increase. The insulin utilizes the glucose more effectively and stores the excess glucose as fat. She concluded with that.

Tim then recognized and introduced a doctor that many of us were unfamiliar with and told him he had the floor. He said he would be brief, but did want to say that he was happy to hear what people said. He did agree that three of his patients should make the change away from Jerry's wife as they were having A1c problems. He admitted that he was impressed with my cousin and wished to talk with her after the meeting.

Tim then introduced Barry and Allen and said they would make a few statements about the VA for those that might be interested. Barry asked how many of those invited by Jerry were veterans. Seven hands went up and Allen said they would talk with them after the meeting.

Tim asked if anyone had any questions and there were questions for my cousin and for Jerry. Tim said the meeting is over and asked those that were introduced take up areas so that people could ask questions and move to someone else.

Brenda and Sue had the three women asking them questions. Then two of them moved over to talk with Allen and Barry. Even the doctors were getting questions about nutrition and carbohydrates and then about the support groups. Tim and Jason were also answering questions and explaining that we would take new members, but were encouraging people to talk to the other two groups as well to find the group that fit their needs.

After the meeting had started to break up, my cousin said she would probably be working with 10 of the people. She was surprised how many carbohydrates were being promoted by Jerry's wife and their A1c's reflected this. She said two individuals would not be going back, but were going with another person and the last person was still thinking about this. Jerry came over then and asked her how things were and she repeated the information for him. Jerry said this was better than he had hoped, but he would continue talking to the rest.

Tim then talked with us and said six wanted to join our group and that of the seven veterans; only one would possibly need to wait for benefits. Dr. Tom said that he was surprised and happy with the meeting and felt we had accomplished what we set out to do. He felt that his support group gained one person and Glen's group had possibly gained four members. We broke up the meeting then.

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