June 21, 2014

Dr. Kendrick Declares Scientific Debate Essential

If you have been reading my blogs of late, you have seen me criticize some of the researchers. Some have deserved it, but others are openly not thinking and applying their knowledge for research to benefit clinical research which will be needed for the fight against disease. Dr. Kendrick makes a discussion on valuable points necessary.

I will quote some of what Dr. Kendrick says. “Debate in science is essential. You would hope it were the very lifeblood of progress. One would also hope that researchers could disagree with each other in frank and open debate. But it has become increasingly obvious to me that if you criticise the experts in medical research you can expect a very rough ride indeed. You certainly risk being stomped into silence.”

I have witnessed this quite a lot recently, and have found that the ‘stomping’ game is very simple. If a critic of an area of mainstream medicine seems to be gaining some traction with the public, they are very rapidly accused of ‘killing patients’ by various professors a.k.a. ‘experts.’”

Sadly, it has become an article of faith that ‘experts’ cannot be argued with. For they have attained the status of demi-gods.”

Canadian-based researcher, David Sackett, said that he would “never again lecture, write, or referee anything to do with evidence based clinical practice.” Sackett is not doing this because he has ceased to believe in evidence based clinical practice but, as the BMJ comments, because he is worried about the power of experts in stifling new ideas and wants the retirement of experts to be made compulsory.”

I find the last part of the last paragraph to be in line with my thinking as a patient of type 2 diabetes – (Sackett) “is worried about the power of experts in stifling new ideas and wants the retirement of experts to be made compulsory.” How true this is and many of the 'experts' abuse their position to prevent evidence based scientific research. We find this in nutrition research, especially with the fat argument of Ancel Keys, who started the demonization of saturated fat. This study was, however, fatally flawed. This last information on Ancel Keys is from David Mendosa's blog here.

Sackett claims that the prestige of experts (including himself) gives their opinions far greater persuasive power than they deserve on scientific grounds alone.” Whether through deference, fear, or respect, others tend not to challenge them, and progress towards the truth is impaired in the presence of an expert,” he writes.”

Rather than quote more from Dr. Kendrick, I would urge you to read his blog and follow his explanations. Then you will be able to understand why 'experts' are not always to be followed when they prevent open and honest scientific debate.

One more disclosure needs to be discussed. The media of today, science writers, journalists, are all afraid of the experts and quote them as being “the expert.” Instead of asking hard questions about why the person is considered an expert, they worship the experts. All sorts of apologies happen the media uses something that the expert does not approve.

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