May 31, 2014

Consumer Reports On Some Oral Medications

This is another of those blogs that I don't like to do, but in this case, I will. The request came from someone connected to Healthline dot com. Since Healthline had stripped the publish date and other publishing information, I spent some time locating the original Consumer Reports publication. Consumer Reports on diabetes oral medications was published during late 2012 and updated in December 2012. It gives information on oral diabetes medications, cost, and some recommendations – best buys.

The cost information is interesting and I find that they are not necessarily accurate because they can depend on the sources used and competition in the area. For prices in my area, Wallmart is difficult to compete with, but one pharmacy does compete and sometimes actually is better.

Of course, the latest class of medications is not part of the report and you should be aware of this. SGLT2 class is the missing class of two approved oral medications.

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