March 10, 2014

Why Not Eat the Egg Yolks

This is about a book and the reviews are very explicit. I do not disagree. Over the last few years, I have been learning about low carbohydrate food plans, Paleo food plans, and a few other food plans promoted away from the media.

Our news media today just doesn't report anything that they can't sensationalize, or to cause (events, especially in newspaper reports) to seem more vivid, shocking, etc, than they really are. They will parrot (to repeat or imitate without thought or understanding) from a press release and overstate this in the headline. They like sexy headlines and seem to care less about the truth of what they report.

Now some of our medical news sources are doing the same and this is becoming disgusting. I will admit that there have not been many interesting facts to report about diabetes in the last month or even health news.

Therefore, it is with some reluctance that am blogging about a book that I have ordered before reading it. The title of the book is Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe and is available only from Amazon. Yes, there is a Kindle edition.

Stone Hearth News just parroted the review from Amazon, which shows how lazy their reporters are. They do this for every article they publish, but often I can find other sources, which confirm what they parrot. I seldom use them for a source because of this. If I am interested in something they report, I wait until I find the information in other sources that are not parroting the same press release. Or, I email the corresponding author for a digital copy of the study. If I can't locate one and nothing further is released, the delete key does the rest.

I liked the review, which is why I ordered the book.

I will do a proper review after I have read the book.

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