February 26, 2014

Joslin Bloggers Hide Behind Anonymity

Very seldom does a blogger on Joslin Communications identify him/her self as the author of a blog. This raises all types of questions about the integrity of the message of the blog and of Joslin itself. This allows authors to take pot shots at various people in complete anonymity. Since doctor William Davis published the book in 2011, I did not write a review about it until December of 2012. I have to question why Joslin decided to try to discredit the book in February 2014.

Did Joslin succeed, not to my way of thinking? They only succeeded in discrediting Joslin. The author has to be a registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator. One common thread promoted by registered dietitians is, “... some of the restricted foods, such as fruit and oats, eliminate sources of vitamins, minerals and phytoestrogens.”  I have never understood why this line of defense is so often used when other foods will provide the vitamins and minerals. Anyone working with a nutritionist or knowing nutrition can always find many foods rich in the vitamins and mineral dietitians claim we are missing by not consuming whole grains.

Then we also need to remember that dietitians that are members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are strongly influenced by the grain and food industry. I would think that the employees of Joslin would rise above the conflict of interest. I guess this is wishful thinking on my part considering that other Joslin employees are operating with conflicts of interest from the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry.

The Joslin blog reads very much like reading the information put out by the Grain Foods Foundation. It contains much misleading information and focuses on half-truths and citing information to mislead the reader. If you want to understand the issue, read this blog by David Mendosa who questions why Dr. Davis did not go farther and eliminate all grains. Then read this by Peter Bronski, who objectively points out the shortcomings of Dr. Davis's book.

The Joslin blog, in my opinion, rehashes old information and adds little to the discussion that has not been said before by the 'experts' of the Grain Foods Foundation.

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