January 1, 2014

A New Year, Let's Manage Diabetes

I ended 2013 on a down note as a result of conversations with a doctor and his request. I know why he would not blog about them, but he asked me as a favor to tackle a couple of topics. He knew I would not pull back in what I said and I have received his thanks for the way I handled them.

Now that we are in the new year, I will be more positive. However, when something needs to be written about, I will not pull back from writing about it. There are many topics that need writing about for education and some for action. I will be reviewing some of the topics from previous years that need further discussion. I have many topics that are being suggested by our support group and even a few from other diabetes support groups. I even have a couple from readers that I have not covered before.

I will be working on a few more blogs about self-monitoring of blood glucose, which our doctors refuse to educate people with diabetes. Another topic of request is about the attitude of many certified diabetes educators and their cloaked refusal to work with type 2 diabetes patients. Granted our support group will not meet with any of them, but this resulted because of their less than positive attitude.

There are many new studies coming in this year, but many are still done for the hype and are poorly designed. Why money is wasted on some of these studies remains a mystery and others are to promote an agenda that people are pushing. It is with some worry about what the American Diabetes Association will post for their guidelines for 2014. Are they going to ignore some excellent studies, or will they develop some great guidelines following their nutrition guidelines.

We will see more about what the pharmacists are accomplishing to help people with diabetes and this is a positive for people with type 2 diabetes. Unless the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists does something unusual this year, don't expect news from them. The same applies to the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) will more than likely continue to make headlines in an unfavorable light. Their drive to make themselves the only source of nutrition information at the Federal and state level is being opposed by more organizations and rightfully so. We need the option of being able to select where we obtain our nutrition information considering AND is in the pocket of Big Food.

We can expect a few more oral diabetes medications to be approved by the FDA and possibly a new or more concentrated insulin. As much as I would like to see a few of the new applications for nanotechnology come on the market, too much testing needs to be accomplished first to satisfy FDA. Another area of concern is the host of meaningless apps coming on the market. Many will still be a single use only and not capable of communicating with other apps. Therefore, many will still be hyped, but still not worth the money or of assistance for diabetes and especially not of value for the geriatric crowd.

What else will be news worthy remains to be seen, but it should be an interesting year.
Amy Tenderich writing for DiabetesMine has her observations of much of what happened in 2013. There were some great happenings, but I will urge you to read her blog.

Nancy Finn has her predictions for 2014 here. Hot Trends for 2014 is the beginning of her blog title. Granted, “What Health Care Consumers and Providers Need to Know,” is important for all of us, but does not include diabetes. These are topics of interest for me and I am hoping much of her predictions are fruitful. I do feel that she is overly optimistic for 2014 about mhealth apps, as I feel there are too many problems still to be worked out for beneficial use. I anticipate 2015 may be a better target.

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