July 17, 2013

What Is A Person With Type 2 to Do? - Part 2

Part 2 of 2 parts

It is amazing the number of problems that we as type 2 patients face to learn about diabetes and how to care for ourselves. Is it any wonder many people give up and become depressed? I can understand this and try as I might, the only answer I can find is to self-educate ourselves. Yes, some can find excellent doctors, certified diabetes educators, and excellent nutritionists, (no I did not say dietitians), and excellent support groups. If you have one of these people, work very hard to keep them, respect them, and learn from them. We will all probably need to continually battle our high profit minded insurance companies for medicines and testing supplies, but this is a battle all must fight.

I am fortunate to be part of a very strong diabetes support group. Activities are slowing for the summer, but I know several people are paying attention to the FDA discussion on Avandia and several of the other diabetes drugs. Self-education is a tool we work at together, we inform each other about different studies and research that is published online, and we often talk about them by exchanging emails and occasionally using video conferences.

We as a group are thankful that we are able to talk about diabetes and while we know of some people that are outside of the group that will not talk about diabetes and are doing their best to keep it a secret, this is not a goal of any of the current members. With diabetes being the 24/7 problem, we will accept support from each other and be glad that we have this. There are three that are not members, but they do talk to different members quite frequently and we help them when asked. We know why they do not want to be members at this time and we are not pushing them to join. Two are just happy that we thought enough of them to include them on our email list. Their jobs keep them busy and away from home to the point that when they are home, they wish to spend time with their family. The third is talking to Brenda and me, but there are other factors involved as well.

I will again list several of my blogs for people to review and hopefully find information that will help them learn and become knowledgeable about diabetes. Blog 1, blog 2, and blog 3 contain information and websites to read and explore.  There is some duplication between blog 1 and blog 3.

Because many of us do not have doctors that have time to educate us, certified diabetes educators available, or facilities available to assist in diabetes education, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves. Some doctors will encourage this and others will not. The doctors that will not, often feel they are all that you need and do not want you on the internet educating yourself. So be careful and do not bring lots of printed materials to an appointment with these doctors. You would be better served by asking how they feel about you finding information on the internet. If they discourage this, then by all means use the internet and keep quiet about it. Local libraries can sometimes be useful in finding books or using their computers. Therefore, do not be discouraged if you do not own a computer.

Another resource person you may be able to use for medications is your pharmacist. Some are very helpful and again others do not feel they should help. This will often depend on how busy the pharmacist is.

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