July 26, 2013

Activities of Our Diabetes Group

We are still attempting to have Hospice back to speak to us, but they have been busy. Even the county Public Health/Home Health Care person has been too busy. Both have been in contact with Barry and Allen according to Ben, but their time has been taken with clients needing attention. Allen even said that the speaker he wanted asked to hold off for the summer with the children being so busy.

We had one short meeting in June and have scheduled the next meeting for September, as several of our group will be on vacation for the month of August. Max and I were attempting to walk, but he is having a planters wart removed and the doctor has said no more walking than absolutely necessary. We agreed as this heat and humidity are making life difficult outside the air conditioning of our residences.

Allen is becoming very active online and is tackling a project that surprised the rest of us. He has become familiar with the FDA Patient Network and is doing correspondence with several people he met online there. Tim and I are attempting to help him when asked, but he has taken off on his own and is really into what he is doing.

Tim and I are attempting to monitor what is happening with the Medicare scandal and the CMS being sued for awarding non-approved companies contracts for medical supplies and medications. Not a fun task and I admit I am happy I have never dealt with any of the mail-order medical suppliers.

All of us must congratulate A.J. for being able to say goodbye to insulin and all medications. This extends to John as well, as both were able to be approved to stop all medications about the middle of July. I had a long conversation with A.J. when he said something, but he said the doctor had given him permission and since he is purchasing extra test strips on his own presently, the doctor just has him testing seven times per day. He and John are able to exercise each evening and John is happy to be off metformin.

Everyone is happy that four of our members are off medications and are doing very well with their new found freedom. Even Sue was happy to know that she and her husband were not the only ones off medications. Sue has asked for help, as her husband, Bob is having some troubles lately and his fasting is creeping upward. Barry told him to purchase some extra test strips and test on the frequency that A.J. is testing, and this seems to be the help he needed. A.J. also advised him to reduce his carbohydrate intake and cut more of the whole grains out of their food.

I loaned them my book, Wheat Belly to read and Sue said she is getting quite a lot out of the book. She and Bob do not like flax, so they are hunting other recipes. I sent the URL for Dr. William Davis blog site here. She said this has helped and they have ordered his second book Wheat Belly Cookbook. I also sent the following blogs for them to read starting with June 30 and then to explore more later. On the first – Fathead-Movie, I urged them to read the comments as there were often some great variations in the comments. On the second – Marks Daily Apple, I told them to explore and if that did not give them ideas, I would send some more.

Bob says he made the crust for the faux pizza and the paleo mayo and has really enjoyed the variety of sandwiches. He said that he had to make smaller sandwiches after the first time as he was over stuffed. He also commented that his blood glucose readings love the sandwiches. Sue commented that her blood glucose readings have come down as well.

Two of our members spent a couple of days in the hospital, but mainly it turned out to be for flu-like symptoms. Mostly the doctor said they were more dehydrated. Brenda is busy with her grandchildren for much of the summer.

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