May 13, 2013

My Pyramid Still Promoted by USDA

Starting on April 11, 2013, I have been hearing several radio messages daily promoting my pyramid dot gov. To see if I was hearing right, I tuned into several of the radio stations serving our area. Most of the stations were playing the advertisement. As of May 9, 2013, I finally decided that the USDA was promoting this for a reason and I had to wonder if the my plate dot gov was being abandoned. Yes, and No. The USDA has not abandoned choose my plate, but is increasing their advertising for mypyramid. However, there are some catches as the site does not load and in doing some research, I found that most of what is being used is material in the form of PDF files and came or still exist from the original mypyramid dot com days.

Not only have they increased the advertising, but they have changed the pyramid and the meaning of it to increase the confusion. There are several different uses of the pyramid now all done to increase food promotion. I finally called one of the stations and asked about the advertisement I had just heard. They confirmed that they were being paid to run the advertisement. I asked if they had the website for this promotion and they looked to see what they might have on file. The answer came back that they had no website and no references to anything with the advertisement. This left me puzzled and I told the station that the website they were advertising did not load and several of the other related sites would not work. No one had any answers.

My Pyramid does still exist on you tubedot com and still plays. In my research, I came across this sitethat helps explain why the “Mypyramid” is used to explain what foods go on “ChooseMyPlate dot gov. Type “” into your favorite search engine and there are many sources to explore. The following is one of the more interesting examples and the easiest to follow in what they are recommending to help fill your plate. This represents the food groups and the proportion of each. For many of us with diabetes, we cannot follow this plan.

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